Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all you Lisfrancers! What are your plans and hopes for the coming year?

I have to get back to exercise and training…Christmas and a family emergency have become an excuse to get lazy. So my plans are to get back on track! I found that, despite my doubts, training really made a difference. Unfortunately, you don’t find that out until you stop!

Meanwhile, let’s keep posting success stories! I might move that post to a separate page, so people can find it more easily.

Keep up the PT, so we get a lot more of those stories!


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  1. Laura on

    How true! I’m not a great swimmer or runner, but in a good week I swim about 3,ooo meters three times a week and run about 5 times a week. Not far, not fast, but at least I’m running. Recently I swam 5 miles in an afternoon. Then with Christmas, etc. I got out of it, and now I feel lumpy and inert and out of shape. I went running again, and got out of breath almost immediately. It’s hard mentally to get back to running and swimming again. Harder mentally than physically, I think.

  2. Sissie on

    It’s been awhile. I am doing ok, I guess. Not lots of pain, but definitely soreness. My foot sometimes swells with lots of use. I’m not back to my normal yet. But my doctor has dismissed me, with the caveat to contact him if I have any problems. (I’m sure he meant with my foot, but I’ve started a list 🙂 just kidding.I need to work on building my stamina and strength.
    Thanks for all the updates. It gives me hope that I may look forward to a happy outcome. BTW my foot is still misshaped, I haven’t tried any shoes other than New Balance sneakers or birkenstock sandals (with ortho inserts)
    I guess I’m not going anywhere if I don’t take that first step.
    Thanks for all the encouragement. I’m still hoping things will get better.

    • fractralfoot on

      Hi, Sissie, it’s good to hear from you. Other family issues have shoved the foot into the background, plus I’m bored with it, but I am still seeing improvement, and am sure I would see more if I worked on it. So there’s still time for you! I don’t think I could get regular shoes on for over a year! Keep plugging away! Best Wishes, Chris

  3. Justin on

    I hurt my foot playing football the day before the Superbowl (this year). I was running out for a pass and when I faked to the right and went left, my whole body collapsed and I fell to the ground. I looked online the next day since I couldn’t really walk on it without pain. I had a feeling I had a Lisfranc Injury. I went to the ER and they thought it was just a sprain but there could have been a fracture that they couldn’t see (since they didn’t do any standing on my feet x-rays). I decided to go to a foot specialist and he took some more x-rays (standing up) and he saw that I had some fractures and possibly a dislocation and wanted me to get an CAT Scan to confirm. I went and got the CAT Scan and went back to the doctor and it was confirmed that I had 5 fractures and one dislocation. He told me I had to get surgery, since if it was left untreated the dislocation wouldn’t connect properly and I would have long term problems. I had my surgery a week ago (2.14.12) and I am doing pretty well right now. I am currently in a hard cast and have two screws in my foot to fix the dislocation. I am hoping next week when I see the doctor for my two week follow up that he lets me switch from the hard cast to the boot, so at least I can take it off to take a shower, and possibly for bed. I am supposed to go to Jamaica with my wife on March 16th and just hoping I will be able to put a little pressure on my foot so I can enjoy my time on the beach and in the water. I wanted to thank everyone on these blogs, it helps to see that other people have gone through this unusual injury. Please send me positive comments so I know it will be okay in the end and I will be driving and back to normal in a few months.

    • fractralfoot on

      Ooooh, you really did it to yourself! Which bones did you fracture? From the posts here, it sounds as though there is as much variation in treatment as there is in Lisfranc injuries, so it’s hard to know whether the doctor will say it’s OK to put weight on it…but there is definitely hope,..I just got back from my dojo..at this point the foot has almost no impact on my practice. I can run, jump, hop, and drive. It did take some time to get there, but now that doesn’t matter.

      I am sure some people with more recent injuries than mine will send you some comments, too… Best wishes, Chris

      • Sissie on

        that is so good to hear, Chris

  4. Laura on

    Good luck, Justin. After watching Christine since she had her injury I know it is a long hard journey, but there is an end in sight down the road. Hang in there.

    • Justin on

      Thanks for your response, it means a lot.

  5. Justin on

    Thanks for the response! I am not sure which bones I fractured. He just stated I had 5 fractures and a dislocation. I am starting to get a hang of the crutches. I was back to work a few days after surgery (office job) and try to hop on my good foot to get around at home (going to the bathroom, getting to bed etc.) I use the crutches for everything else. As I stated before I have my two week follow up this Wednesday and truly can’t wait to find out what the doctor has to say about it. I got a little nervous because the cotton in the hard cast got itchy and when
    I tried to it with a plastic hanger some of the cotton came out, I tried to put it back in. I also have two half casts connected and an ace bandage around it. The ave bandage gets all messed up when I am sleeping so my wife had to redo the ace bandage and I could feel the cast expand just a little bit and my foot had this tingling sensation probably from the relief of not being confined to the cast for those few minutes. Just hoping for good news this week….. Thanks again for responding.

    • fractralfoot on

      Casts are more dicy, at least in some cases, than we think they will be. I remember that I got all nervous because my heel kept coming up in the boot. I didn’t know if the foot was supposed to be tight in it or how much wiggle was allowed. It turned out it was OK..just really uncomfortable. Until the surgeon looked at it and said, “Sure, that’s OK, don’t worry about it,” it was one more thing to be uncertain about. Good luck with the appointment!

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