Checking Back In

Just a quick post, since I have been absent for so long. Various family episodes gave me an excuse to stop all the cross-training…so I took it! Now I am back, at least riding my bike in the park and jogging. Swimming should be next.

Foot update…just a bit numb on top, perhaps because the screw is still in there. I expect that will slowly go away.

Anastrazole update: my knees hurt.

a bit.

So if that’s all the side effects I get, I’m lucky.

The park is beautiful. Plantings of crocuses are blooming. I hope we don’t get a freeze that kills them all!


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  1. Bibi on

    I have a bike waiting for you! I miss you. wish you were here!

    • Laura on

      Me too, I have a bike waiting for you in Canada. Well, not actually, but could get one for you. Wish you were there.

  2. Laura on

    Glad to hear that you are getting some exercise in too. Amazing how fast it all falls to pieces once you stop! And then doesn’t get back up to a decent level without lots of work. Not fair!
    You should try RAF exercises (in your spare time).

  3. Sissie on

    I’m so glad to hear from you.You always encourage me to keep working at living a full life.
    Thanks, Chris.

  4. judithSACHS on

    Just discovered your blog today and am delighted to hear from others. My Lisfranc was misdiagnosed in the ER when I jumped violently on the side of my foot trying to relieve a leg cramp. I was actually walking a mile and a half to work and teaching dance and exercise classes when I went to a
    specialist for a followup 6 weeks later. He said I had only a 1 mm diastasis and so no surgery. I’m 2 weeks into my non-weight-bearing cast (he says it will be on for 3 months), working from home and still teaching Dance for Parkinsons classes in a chair (many students are in chairs too!) I have read some really awful posts on the long-term prognosis but I’m really interested to know from others who haven’t needed surgery how the PT and general exercise can bring the foot back again.


    • fractralfoot on

      Hi, J…I don’t know if we have had any comments from someone who didn’t need surgery (I sometimes wonder if I did, but that’s water under the bridge!) but maybe someone will read this and respond. For many people who have been blogging, the recovery has been hard but the ultimate result was good. Your dance class sounds very interesting, even without the Lisfranc injury. I once attended a martial art seminar given by a visiting teacher who was so sick she couldn’t stand up…so she taught from a mattress by the side of the mat.
      I imagine that if you teach dance, you also have resources in the PT area, so should be able to keep the rest of your body in shape. That was one of the problems with being non-weight bearing. Let us know how you do! Are you starting a blog?

      • judithSACHS on

        I had a hip replacement 5 years ago and had the best PT in Philadelphia (I think!) I wrote him after this injury to find out what he thought of the cast, so I know I can count on him when I’m ready to roll. I am a former taichichuan push-hands competitor, so I am well acquainted with those crazy teachers who would never miss a class, even if they had to lie down! Good thing about Lisfranc friends is that they are so physically fit to start with.

        I am blogging on the Dance for Parkinsons teacher’s website… I’m just setting up my own personal website here on WordPress, so you will hear more from me in future. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

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