Anastrozole and Exercise

I finally have got to (about) where I was in November, when I stopped cross training…today I jogged nine minutes, walked 1 minute, three times…I think in November I was able to keep it up for an hour, so I am not quite there. Now I am aiming for a 5K race in a few months.

Of course, please keep in mind that it isn’t the foot that is holding me back, it’s the Anastrozole. I’m posting this just in case someone comes across it by accident. I finally found a website that has tons of posts by people who have breast cancer, are recovering from breast cancer, and even those who are trying to maintain conditioning while on  aromatase-inhibiting drugs. I can’t say I liked what I read, but at least I know I’m not crazy! And it was nice having a few people write encouraging things…

So in case anyone is looking for support, it’s Can’t think why I missed it all this time…


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  1. Laura on

    Glad you finally find a site that confirms what you’ve been saying! Of course, I knew you weren’t crazy!

  2. joseph on

    keep running Chrissy! In fact, you should come up here and I’ll run with you! Lots of nice pathways along the river near my house…just saying.

  3. Emma on

    Hey Chrissy ! It’s been a while I know…………. I’m ashamed to see how sorry I have felt for myself when I read your latest posts. You have done so well, overcoming all of these challenges to your health in such a positive way 🙂
    Keep it up, I intend to blog a little more regularly from now on. I’m still battling with the foot, it’s putting up a bit of a fight- LOL

    • fractralfoot on

      It’s good to hear from you again! Let us know how you are doing…I am doing OK, just having to adjust things a bit….

    • fractralfoot on

      Hey, Emma, don’t feel guilty! Everyone’s situation is different, and if you aren’t able to sail the way you would like to, that’s pretty extreme. I was not a good sailor, but I did enough to know the wonderful feeling when you are heeling out as you sail close to the wind…it’s so freeing! So just focus on recovering as best as you can! Anyway, my injury wasn’t that bad. When I read about some of them, I am just amazed!

  4. Sissie on

    The school year is almost over and I’m ready. My daughter and I are going on a school trip to Washington, DC and New York. The trip I was unable to take last year, due to my foot injury. After being off of it for so long, everything was hurting. I still need to work on my stamina. Every time I started to exercise, something starts hurting. But each day gets a little better. I still need to work on ankle — it just can’t seem to bounce back. But life is good It was nice to hear from Emma again. Hope this finds you well.

    • fractralfoot on

      Sounds exciting! Maybe we could meet up to say hello when you’re in New York ?

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