A Beautiful Day in Central Park

The other day, I went for my bike ride around the park and then decided to sit for a while and do some tatting, so I paused by a big rock outcropping…and then saw that the place was swirling with butterflies! I’d noticed quite a few in the previous few days, but nothing like this. There were dozens, maybe even hundreds, swirling, circling, rising and falling, and even settling on people..most of whom took no notice whatsoever! I took pictures, most of which didn’t come out…and of course, the ones that landed on me sat on my back, where I couldn’t get a picture. I stayed until the sun went down and the butterflies went to sleep.

They were Red Admirals, for the most part, anyway, and it turns out their migration this year was humungous..in part, at least, because of the mild winter…here’s a link. It’s about New Jersey, but the butterflies don’t know the difference.

So for a few hours, Central Park was an enchanted magic land! Is it silly to say that I wouldn’t have been there if I hadn’t started riding to rehab the foot?

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