It’s Been Busy

I’ve been really busy..I went to visit my little sister who lives on an organic Meyer lemon farm in Malibu, up a canyon. Had a wonderful time…I didn’t do as much exercise as usual, but it didn’t seem to matter because everything was up or down hill! I climbed up the canyon and walked in the park above about every other day, and felt so healthy when I returned! And glad no rattlesnake had showed its head…every time I went out, there was a chorus of “be careful!” Needless to say, i was!

My room

The view from my room…

The top of the canyon!

Then, when I came home, a friend had set me up to be a subject at a rolfing workshop, at which a really experienced practitioner was to teach a group about her work with scars and bone healing. She worked on the once-broken bones and the Lisfranc  was so interesting, feeling the foot get more flexible as she worked on it. Shows I still have work to do there! She worked on an old scar I have on my calf, and that got more flexible, too. Sometimes the magic works! made me realize that once I get the meniscus tears on my other knee fixed, I am going to have to get some work done to straighten out that knee.


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  1. Laura on

    So what is rolfing? What does it do? Sounds interesting.

    • Sissie on

      Me, too. What is rolfing?

      • fractralfoot on

        Hey, Sissie, I had a great time in Malibu. Now I am rehabbing from my meniscus surgery, not exactly happy…but about rolfing…it’s a form of body work that, as I understand, works with facia and deep muscles. It’s known for being painful, but the little experience I have had wasn’t bad at all. Good luck with school this year. Ice, ice, and more ice, right?

  2. Sissie on

    Malibu — like in Calif? You were in my own backyard. Well, not exactly. I did get my BA from Pepperdine University in Malibu. I loved living there, the sunsets, and the sea. Your firework story is one of my nightmares. I can stand for awhile, but too long I can look forward to pain, and swelling. I was able to do a lot of walking on my Washington, DC trip. I iced my foot every night and was able to walk again the next day. I do find that I plan my activity around my foot. School starts again soon — I am looking forward to starting without a cane and pain.

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