I’m Back! Briefly.

Just a short post…the foot is still fine, but I have had a bit of a tingly feeling in the area between the injury site, (where there is still a humungous screw) and the big toe. I blamed it on nerve damage when they moved the nerve bundle to get at the injury, and I would massage it when I thought of it. Well, I was visiting a friend, an acupuncturist, who stuck some needles in the foot, actually to treat a possibly-broken toe on the other foot!

I got up the next morning and the tingly feeling was gone except for right where the screw is, and the whole foot felt really flexible! And it’s held for three days! I am so delighted.

I must add that have had acupuncture on other occasions since the Lisfranc injury, but this time was the most effective for the foot.

So even after 5 years, improvement is possible!

And now I will tuck the blog back to sleep again, though I will get notified if someone writes a comment, and will respond…


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  1. Laura on

    Good news. Glad to hear you’re still improving.

  2. estherrosew on

    Sounds interesting.. Have often wondered if I should try acupuncture just for fun. I’m 2 and a half years on and my symptoms aren’t bothersome- just slight swelling, tightness and numb areas. It’s my “normal” and I’m used to it, but maybe I’ll give it a go 🙂

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