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Happy New Year!!!

I just saw the stats from WordPress and find it hard to believe that there were about 14,000 views this past year, from 107 countries! The review also says, “some of your most popular posts were written before 2014…Consider writing about those topics again….Not on your life if I can help it!

So just a little update. Early this year I probably stop taking anastrazole (for breast cancer), which means I pass the 5-year period. I can’t wait to see if some of the side effects, admittedly mild judging by what some people report, but still annoying, go away. I am hoping I can regain some of my lost strength, for example.I also had some “minor” knee surgery a few years ago that turned out to be a mistake…but I seem to have finally got beyond it. I started race-walking as I couldn’t seem to be able to jog, but now, even though I can run again, I think I will stick with the walking!

So everything is pretty good. Oh yes, the famous foot…well, since the humungous screw is still in there, it has a bump where the screw head is, and occasionally I can feel it, the foot is still fine. And I will continue to check the blog to see if anyone new has posted a comment…Anyone out there who has recovered, but is still following….how are you guys doing?

So Happy New Year!!!!