What’s a Lisfranc Injury?

Oh, boo…I had a link here to a video on youtube that showed the results of a surgery almost identical to mine. They took the video off youtube! So now you just have to read the history below and look at the x-rays! Sorry.

On March 26, 2009, in a martial arts class, I had an accident and knew, right away, that something out of the ordinary had happened . Turns out I not only broke 4 metatarsals, but I also sustained a lisfranc injury. It’s a really nasty injury to ligaments around that lumpy bone complex on the top of the foot in a line with the big toe. (Google lisfrac or lisfranc for a medical explanation! It appears to be spelled both ways.) You get it by doing things like  twisting your foot and then falling on it, or dropping a refrigerator on it.  I couldn’t find much on what the recovery is really like, hence this blog. But I didn’t start till over a month into the experience because I was too blotto at first and didn’t get a laptop till then. For me, at least, sitting at my desktop computer is out because I can’t keep my foot raised. Basically, it has been 6 weeks on the couch with the foot raised higher than the heart. That’s the simple explanation!


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  1. Morgane Richardson on

    i like your explanation of a “lisfranc injury”- gets to the point without getting hung up on medical terms. And it’s great that you’re helping fill the gap of information about recovery. hows the progress now? Are you still working on PT? it seems the blog posts have fallen off a bit, you should give us an update.

  2. Bibi on

    I agree with Morgane. I finally understand what this injury is all about!

  3. Vickie Dear on

    I had a nasty break May 2010 and am finally feeling like I can begin living again. I never understood my injury completely until now. I was informed that I broke 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th metatarsals and a chip on the 5th. My injury occurred on a women’s retreat while walking a trail in a crowd (part of ceremony). I stepped around a hole but the dirt gave way and my foot slid down so I just sat down. That would have been fine, except the lady walking very close behind me tripped and fell forward and her knee fell on my angled foot against the rocks! So much incredible pain, I can’t even describe it. After all the time with my orthopaedic physician, he didn’t mention Lisfranc until my very last appointment. I guess he didn’t want to let me in on it because he knew I’d Google it! Anyway, I know have a better understanding for the pain and the instable feeling I have in my foot particularly in that joint area. He also told me I have “Morton’s Syndrome” where my big toe is shorter than the 2nd toe….. also causing some weakness in the foot. So now, it’s almost 2 years since my injury. I started at the gym again today – slow. It seems any pressure on my big toe sets it on fire. I also have no flesh on the ball of my foot and if I’m on my feet alot, it hurts seriously on the bottom.
    I’m really glad I found this blog. I started one too when I first received the injury. Guess it’s time to get back to it. http://thestumblingchronicles.blogspot.com/

  4. Lisa on

    My daughter injured her foot when she slipped on a diving board and hit her foot on the edge as she went down. This was 8 years ago and she eventually was able to start running marathons, but this brought out the arthritis in her foot. She is currently recuperating from bone fusion and the doctor assures her she will be able to run marathons again. What an ordeal, but thank God amputation is no longer the answer!

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