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Anastrozole and Exercise

I finally have got to (about) where I was in November, when I stopped cross training…today I jogged nine minutes, walked 1 minute, three times…I think in November I was able to keep it up for an hour, so I am not quite there. Now I am aiming for a 5K race in a few months.

Of course, please keep in mind that it isn’t the foot that is holding me back, it’s the Anastrozole. I’m posting this just in case someone comes across it by accident. I finally found a website that has tons of posts by people who have breast cancer, are recovering from breast cancer, and even those who are trying to maintain conditioning while on  aromatase-inhibiting drugs. I can’t say I liked what I read, but at least I know I’m not crazy! And it was nice having a few people write encouraging things…

So in case anyone is looking for support, it’s Can’t think why I missed it all this time…


I Made My Goal!

Yesterday I made my goal of run/walk at 5 minutes jog/1 minute walk 10 times. Or maybe 11, because, of course, I lost count, and my method of keeping track didn’t work. I know it was at least 1 hour, though, so it counts. Yes, I could have walked it faster, but that’s not the point! I learned more about pacing…at the end, I actually had something left, so I could run a little bit. I was especially happy because I had to get up at 5 that morning to go to the airport, and when I got home, I took a “nap” and slept all morning! At least I got something done!

I did have a setback. I had planned to do a 5K in mid-October, in Van Cortland Park, but when I looked up the course, it’s a real cross-country, with lots of hills, so I don’t think I will be ready by then. Flat, I can do, but hills wipe me out. Even penguins have pride, and the idea is to run (jog) it, not crawl! Bummer. I was really looking forward to it. But there’s another one in November…

Wish me luck!

Hurray! I’m a Penguin!!!

I discovered there’s a name for us slow runners..It’s Penguins!!! Yay, I have a name!

Here’s a link to a youtube of a penguin running…OK, I don’t waddle, but I still think it’s pretty funny.

There’s also a website for us penguins, a penguin support group, and even a thread for people who claim to be the slowest penguin on the block!.Hey, penguins, I win! This penguin is so slow that she finishes her run earlier than she started, because she can’t keep up with the earth’s rotation.

The sites don’t seem that active, but they are fun to read.

I don’t know why, but I think it’s hysterical! Somehow it helps make everything better…OK, I have lost a good bit of flexibility, my legs don’t have the strength they used to, I can’t get up gracefully from a front roll, and I’m losing my mind, but HEY! I’m a PENGUIN! (Funny, I always thought of myself as a duck!)

So when people start learning to run again once the foot has healed, you have a nice image to have in your head! At least as long as you don’t intend to be in the Olympics next time, in which case a faster animal might be better…Are runners who knock over slower ones to get to the front known as Skuas?

And remember, what is making it hard is the Anastrozole, not the Lisfranc Injury! The foot is doing just fine…just a little sore in the morning after I push it the day before.

Run with a friend!

I did my last run with my sister…now that the travesty of the World Police and Fire Games was over, we had time. I had no idea how helpful it would be! She has been running for some years now, so she could make some suggestions. I hadn’t realized how much using my arms a bit more would help! I got my heartbeat up substantially higher than I had been able to before. And just having the company helped keep me going.

Now I just have to learn to use my heartbeat monitor more efficiently!

Today when I went running, I found that the benefits continued. I actually hit a stride for a few seconds at a time! So if you find you are kicked off PT before you have learned to run again (and it’s very likely), try to get a friend to run with you. It certainly helped me! By the way, if my only problem was the Lisfranc injury, I think I would be running easily now. It’s the anastrozole that’s holding me back.

Yes! I can run…really run!

Progress has been really slow, but today I added an extra 5/1 (run/walk) to my workout, and just to see, I decided to sprint for the last minute. Well, I lasted 30 seconds, walked for 15, and ran for the final 30 or so. The great thing was that there was absolutely no feeling that the left foot was different from the right! (A while back, when I posted a video of my feet running, I was aware of the difference.)

So I think I will add a final sprint to the workout, just because it feels so good to be really running!


That little sprint has become the best part! It’s a bit longer..still kinda pathetic, but it keeps getting better, and it just feels so good! It’s my little reward for keeping going.

Even Later:

Realized today that I am not pushing off quite as much with the left foot…the injured one. It seems to have a bit less strength and bend in the toes. So back to working on it..I think I have to do more standing on tiptoes, trying to balance there, and pushing against resistance. I hope it will work!

Even More Later:

Sept. 7th, actually. I just got back from my run/walk in the rain in the park. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I did 5 minutes, jogging, 1 minute walk eight times! Today some other runners were very encouraging, telling me, “you’re doing a great job” probably because there were so few of us out there! Two more weeks on this schedule, and then I get to amuse myself with another game!

Running and Walking

I haven’t been posting, ’cause I was running and walking! I decided my efforts at getting my aerobic stamina back weren’t working, because my legs gave out before I got my heartbeat up! I want to do some hiking this year, and I wasn’t making it. In addition, because of the anastrozole, I was gaining weight I didn’t need. So I did two things:

Signed up for Step Up To Better Health, a 10K steps a day program. I got Omron Aerobic step counter, which I really like, because it guestimates the number of aerobic steps you take as well as the total number, and it has a clock.I found that even though I often do walk 10,000 steps, it makes me go out and walk on the days when I wouldn’t have made the cut.

I have to do it, because my sister is doing the same program, and I can’t let her get ahead of me! You enter the number of steps into their database, and can compare with a friend who has also registered.

Then, for the aerobic workout, I signed up for a running course at It takes three weeks to get to the point where you can run for five minutes, then walk for one minute. I am taking it more slowly, but cutting off half a minute from their figures, because I am concerned about my knees, but I’m slowly working up to five minutes. I decided that I’m not wedded to this one…if the knees start giving trouble, it’s history!

Anastrozole is NOT a sleeping pill!

Well, I didn’t really put the blog to rest, it seems…but posts will be fewer! I was trying not to make this a blog about anastrozole, but when it messes up your rehab…Sooo, I may have complained on the blog that after I started taking the stuff I found that I couldn’t sleep. That made me exhausted during the day. I tried melatonin. It helped a bit. Then my oncologist gave me Ambien. Didn’t really work at all. So I decided that the problem was that my brain wasn’t flipping into the brainwave it needed to sleep, so I downloaded some binaural beat mp3’s that purported to help you to sleep. Amazingly, they actually worked! A melatonin and then the music did it!

Now, of course, it’s possible that it’s simply serendipitous. Maybe the music just gave me something to listen to, so I didn’t get tense about not sleeping. Or maybe the sleeplessness just came to an end itself. Or the fact that I am run/walking around the Central Park reservoir or riding my bike around the park made me tired. I don’t think it really matters.

Anyway, the cherry trees are starting to blossom in Central Park, and life is good…

Has anyone else had a similar problem with anastrazole? What did you find worked? I would be really interested to know, just in case my current solution fails…

May 27…update

It’s amazing, but except for one or two nights, my solution is still working. At first, I took a melatonin and listened to the music. Then I stopped bothering with the music, but still took a melatonin. Or maybe it was the other way round! Next, I stopped them both, but still was able to sleep. It was as though I hot-wired my brain into sleep mode.  I am feeling less tired, too, although sometimes I still need a nap!