The X-Rays

These are the x-rays. The first two are from the emergency room.

Lisfranc foot injury X-ray top view

Emergency Room X-Ray, Foot Looking Down

Lisfranc Injury X-ray side view

The next bunch are from May 26, 2010. a year later.

Lisfranc injury x-ray side view

A side view of the foot showing Lisfranc repair

Lisfranc Injury X-ray, top view

Top view of the foot a year after surgery



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  1. Grace on

    Hmm. Is there a reason why you did not have a second surgery to remove the screw and plate? (I just happened upon your site today, so I apologise if you’ve already blogged about this.)

    • Joy on

      I’m about to have my hardware removed and hoping its the right decision. I am 8 months post-op and still having a lot of pain and unable to work. Its so depressing. I’ve had so many other injuries to my foot and thinking they are most likely contributing to the pain as well. Stress fracture navicular bone, plantar fascitis, torn achilles, and now lisfranc fracture and dislocation. I do not know what else to do. Hoping I am doing the right thing. My doctor says I have a 50/50 % chance of pain relief. I think he wants to cover himself knowing my history.

      Frustrated and sad.

      • fractralfoot on

        My goodness, I know how much just one foot injury hurts, so I cannot imagine how a whole bunch of them must feel, even if the others were in the past! I don’t have that much activity on the blog now, since my foot has pretty much returned to normal, but there are other people who post and encourage each other. Are you working with a physical therapist? I found that to be invaluable. Just don’t give up! Eight months is still pretty early for one of these injuries. Let us know how you are doing!

    • fractralfoot on

      Hi, Grace, I know I answered this comment, but somehow it seems to have gone into the ether. I didn’t have the second surgery for the simple reason that the surgeon said that he didn’t like removing hardware, and since it didn’t bother me, I let it go. If it bothers me, I will go and get a second opinion!

  2. Frank Berke on

    I can’t seem to find out from anyone. I was misdiagnosed and told i had a sprain but I have a lisFranc with 2 mm displacement. it has been 9 months and I limp quite often and have pain every day. I have read that the answer is to have the bones fused. Has anyone gone through this after 9 months living with the injury? I don’t know if I should just learn to live with this problem or have the surgery. Please advise. Thanks

    • fractralfoot on

      Sounds like the person to talk to would be a good foot surgeon, possibly someone who has a practice that concentrates on athletes and dancers?

    • Carine De Ganck on

      Hello Frank,
      I have read your post of April 4th and I’m dealing with a similar situation.
      Last year around Easter I fell off my bike and hurt my ankle. X-rays were taken yet there was a misdiagnosis. After 13 months -I had already been to ten specialists- I ended up with a professor who diagnosed me with Lisfranc Injury (2 mm displacement).
      Now I’m in agony, since arthritis has been developing in my joints. I’m going to have a surgery on June 13th because I have no other choice left now. It’s going to be a very long recovery, but I can’t just leave it the way it is, I’m on sick leave since October already.
      Can you let me now how you’re doing and how your condition evolves? I fear there’s only one option though, and that’s having a surgery..

      Best of luck,
      Carine from Belgium.

      • fractralfoot on

        Best of luck, Carine. Hopefully, Frank is still following the blog and will respond. Perhaps other people will answer, too. For me, I had the surgery, and the foot is now just an occasional minor inconvenience…

    • Shannon D. on

      I just posted on the main page. My surgery was 2.5 years later. Our limping and daily pain sound the same. In a few months I hope I can tell you it was all worth it:-)

      • Shannon D. on

        Update- I’m at 9 weeks post-op. I started walking in a boot a week ago. I can keep it on for a few hours at a time. I return to work next week. The doctor said I should be able to wear supportive sneakers for the work day. I hope the progress continues. I’m happy to read your post tonight. Hope all stays well for you! Thanks for the blog.

      • fractralfoot on

        Thanks for the comment! Good luck in your continuing recovery!

  3. Prue on

    I have been very interested to read all the information on blogs etc lately about lisfranc injury. I fell down a step (running at the time and just seemed to miss it completely) and knew I had done something really nasty straight away. Nearly passed out from the pain and shock and was unable to put any weight on the foot. With a neighbour’s help got myself to hospital and waited 5 hours for an xray only to be told no obvious breaks and sent home without even a bandage for my supposedly sprained ankle. On my second visit to my dr she agreed that it didn’t seem to be recovering as you’d expect a sprain would, so sent me for a CT scan which showed four broken bones and a suspected lisfranc injury. So then off to the orthopaedic specialist the next day who sent me for a weight bearing xray which showed displacement. He didn’t tell me how much it was but said he’d need to mainipulate the foot and take xrays under general anaesthesia to see how badly the ligament was damaged. Turns out he decided not to put screws in, but I got the feeling this was mainly as it was 4 weeks post injury. He said if he’d seen me sooner he would definitely have done this but didn’t think it worthwhile at this point as I’d probably need fusing in few years anyway. I’m not a naturally active person, (have made an effort in last couple of years to get to gym and lose 5kgs though) but this injury has got me quite concerned and a bit worried. Even though I’m not the outdoorsy, active type, I don’t want to walk with a limp for the rest of my life and be limited in what I can do. After the ‘non-surgery’, I was advised to wear a boot for the next month or so and then I’ll see the specialist again (nxt wk). I’m worried about how well this will recover, as, even though, I can now stand on my foot, I still can’t put weight on the front part of it and push off, so am still limping. It’s been almost 8 wks since the injury and I don’t really see much improvement at all. Dr didn’t say anything about physiotherapy yet, so haven’t had any yet. Don’t know if I should start now or if that might cause more damage before it’s ready. To make matters worse, this morning I stood on a belt on the floor (my good foot) and the pointy (2cm) bit that goes through the belt hole punctured the sole of my foot and I actually had to pull it out. Ouch!! So now I can’t walk properly on that foot either. Glad I still have cruteches. Very frustrating. I’m very annoyed at myself for these 2 stupid accidents that shouldn’t have happened. Cried hot tears of frustration today!

    • fractralfoot on

      Oh my goodness! It’s such a weird injury! Good luck with the followup visit. are you considering getting a second opinion if you are still unhappy with what the current doctor says? As far as PT is concerned, I would bet that a good one wouldn’t touch it without a doctor’s referral anyway! I do know that in my case, even with surgery, it took a long while before I could put weight on the front of the foot…like standing on my toes on that foot. But I’m not an orthopedist, so I can’t evem guess if this is normal healing for someone in your situation! But hang on in there, and don’t give up…it’s early yet!

  4. PCW on

    What other kind of shoe is recommended, (other than a sneaker), after the boot? I’m transitioning to walking in a shoe with an orthodic, using one crutch still. The sneaker isn’t high enough to fit my surgically repaired foot!

    • fractralfoot on

      Hi, Patty, glad you are walking again! Actually, I don’t know about recommended shoes. Different people seem to get different suggestions from their therapists or surgeons. I didn’t get any suggestions at all! So all I can give is my experience. I had a pair of sneakers that were a size bigger than those I usually wore, and found I could get my foot into them. Oh yes,,, I also cut the tongue out of the sneaker and put in a soft piece of cotton instead because I had a lump on the top of my foot. It was quite a while before I could wear my regular shoes…about a year before my hiking boots fit again!. So I guess the first thing to do is to ask the physical therapist, and if they have no suggestions, just try to find a shoe that fits and cut it up until it fits!

  5. PCW on

    Thank you! Exactly what I thought. Bought new, larger sneakers today, Men’s width, that can fit my newly enlarged foot with the orthodic! I was supposed to stay in the boot longer but found I really couldn’t walk at all. And it was starting to affect my lower back, since the boot is a different height. All things I’m sure you are already well aware of…..
    Hopefully I’ll start physical therapy this week. What I’ve found is that my foot fracture seems fully healed. Problem is complete lack of strength in any part of my leg, and my other leg is not in very good shape either from three months of real excercise. So everything hurts by the end of the day – except my foot!
    Oh well, this too shall improve. Thank you so much for writing so much about your experiences.

    • fractralfoot on

      Best of luck..PT should help a lot! If it’s any comfort, you are way ahead of where I was when I started PT. I couldn’t even put weight on the foot without feeling that I had electric shocks running through my foot! The PT will probably spend a lot of time building up those legs as well as working on the foot…

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